A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Plexus - an experimental 2d shooter with RPG elements, non-linear passage and a global map, where the player will move between worlds, exterminate crowds of monsters and avoid dangerous traps.


- All in-game weapons have two shooting modes;

- You can also collect powerful active/passive spells that create black holes or give invisibility.

Global Map

- The player explores the world of the Plexus, moving through the levels of four biomes (Factory, Cave, Aether, Chaos). Each biome is beautiful, dangerous and unique.

- Between fights you can choose the next biome to pass or bypass a complex level on the global map.

RPG elements

- Component system of the ship, large number of guns, engines, armor and, accordingly, assemblies of ships.


- Visiting each biome in its own way changes the whole world of the Plexus.

- Each biome carries its fragments of a single story.

- Replaying is actual: the player himself chooses the order of visiting biomes. Random item drop strongly affects the available tactics (warrior/stealth/manipulator).

Install instructions

Extract and play =)


plexus-windows-beta.zip 227 MB
Version 20 Jan 06, 2018
plexus-mac-beta.zip 223 MB
Version 12 Jan 06, 2018
plexus-linux-beta.zip 238 MB
Version 12 Jan 06, 2018

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